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Hydraulic Filtration

Hydraulic fluid is the most important part of every hydraulic system. In hydraulics, no system works without a proper volume of hydraulic fluid. 
Hydraulic fluid filtration is the only solution to eliminate contaminants from fluid in use.  Particle filtration using different types of filters will remove the contaminant particles like metals, fibers, silica, elastomers, and rust from the hydraulic fluid.
Hydraulic filters are used anywhere in a hydraulic system particle contamination is to be removed. Particle contamination can be ingested through the reservoir, created during the manufacture of system components, or generated internally from the hydraulic components themselves. Particle contamination is the primary cause of hydraulic component failure.
Hydraulic filters are located at different parts of the hydraulic system, which prevents the entry of contaminant particles into the system. Air filters, suction filters, pressure filters, return filters, and off-line filters are some of the commonly found hydraulic filters. 
Hydraulic filters are mainly used in varieties of hydraulic systems in the industry. 
Some of those advantages of hydraulic filters are listed below. 
1. Eliminate the presence of foreign particles in hydraulic fluid
2. Protect the hydraulic system from the dangers of particle contaminants
3. Improves the overall efficiency and productivity
4. Compatible with most the hydraulic system
5. Low cost for maintenance
6. Improves the service life of the hydraulic system
There are several types of filters, including bags, screens, and magnetic. 
Screen filters are constructed with many small wires which are woven together to create a metallic cloth. These filters can be constructed to a precise pore size, which allows an engineer to choose the right size for the expected contaminant size. 
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Screen filters for Hydraulic Filtration