Seawater Desalination Filtration
Seawater desalination filtration is a process used to convert seawater into freshwater. This process uses a filtration system to remove various pollutants, such as salt, bacteria, and other impurities, from the seawater.
Viscous Liquid Filtration
Viscous liquid filtration is an important process in industrial and commercial applications. It is used to remove impurities from liquids that are too thick or viscous to be filtered using traditional methods.
Hydraulic Filtration
Screen filters are constructed with many small wires which are woven together to create a metallic cloth. These filters can be constructed to a precise pore size, which allows an engineer to choose the right size for the expected contaminant size.
Oil and Natural Gas
Filters are used in just about every equipment package within the oil and gas industry. Improved filtration across upstream, midstream, and downstream is vital for increased productivity.
coal mine
At this stage of the production process, filtration is largely used in the form of dry screens, stationary or vibrated, we provide the filter and filter part element.
water/wastewater treatment
The four main stages of water treatment are physical treatment, biological treatment, filtration, and disinfection.