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A Complete Guide to SS Pressure Sand Filter Nozzle

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Update time : 2023-02-06 16:03:23
Stainless steel pressure sand filter nozzles -- filtration solution for (wastewater)water treatment plants/drainage systems/gas separation/ion-exchange mix bed, etc.

wedge wire filter nozzles
SS pressure sand filter nozzles(also called water filter nozzles or wedge wire nozzles) are designed to be used for liquid separation or media retention (resin, sand, carbon…). 

The main material is high-quality stainless steel(ss316, 304, 321, and other alloys).  The structure is a wedge wire screen. V wire profiles and support profiles are welded and wounded together at equal intervals.

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Stainless steel pressure sand filter nozzles

This article revolves around the following topics:
1. Features of pressure sand filter nozzles
2. How does the ss filter nozzle work?
3. How do we pick the right ss pressure sand filter nozzles?

1. Features/Benefits of pressure sand filter nozzles

· High-precision slot spacing
· Large filter area
· Backwash and self-cleaning function
· Design flexibility

2. Work principle of ss pressure sand filter nozzles

· Direction of flow in nozzles(inlet to outlet)
The inlet-to-outlet flow is the start-up of the filtering equipment where the nozzle captures the already filtered or treated water.

· Direction of flow in nozzles(outlet to inlet)
Outlet-to-inlet flow(backwash flow) occurs when the filter enters backwash or cleaning mode and reverses flows in reverse. Water enters the outlet to lift the media bed to expand, loosen and clean it of retained sediment.

3. Choose methods of ss pressure sand filter nozzles

· Filter Media Properties
The particle size of the media should be twice the size of the nozzle slot. so that the media cannot pass through the filter slot.
· Maximum operating flow rate
The flow rate will determine the size of the filter used. A certain number of filter nozzles need to be used together, and the specific number of water nozzles is determined by the flow rate.
· Maximum and minimum operating pressure
Each filter nozzle has a maximum pressure value, otherwise, it may cause fluid leakage and nozzle damage. When the backwash mechanism is activated, a minimum operating pressure needs to be maintained.
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