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Filter Media: Wedge Wire VS Woven Wire

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Update time : 2022-04-28 16:38:20

When it comes to the filtration world there are endless types of materials you can use: metal, paper, fiber, polymer, ceramic, etc. All of these different materials can be formed or treated differently depending on your application or your specific filtration needs.

And the wedge wire and wove wire are common materials but do you know

“What is the difference between woven wire and wedge wire screens?”

These two metals can seem very similar to the naked eye but they are truly very different. Both have their pros and cons depending on what type of application you are using it for and what your needs are.

Top Applications for Wedge Wire:

  •  Filtering foods that have a high level of purity
  •  Oil filtration
  •  Brewing industry filtration (microbreweries and bottled teas)
  •  Fertilizer industry
  •  Solids from wastewater

Typical Applications for Woven Wire:

  •  Sifting and sizing
  •  Architectural applications where aesthetic appeal is desired
  •  Pest control and livestock cages
  •  Ventilation screens
  •  Air and water filters
  •  Wastewater
  •  Filters for air, fuel, oil, and hydraulic systems

  1. Wedge wire usually proves to be more easily cleaned due to a surface structure that is a bit smoother than woven wire mesh. 
  2. There is also a bit less risk of damaging the material when cleaning with wedge wire than with woven wire.
  3. Wedge wire is going to take the win on the strength
  4. The more delicate nature and finer wires within woven wire mesh could lead to a shorter service life when compared to wedge wire. 
  5. Wedge wire will typically be a bit more expensive than woven wire mesh fabrication.

There aren’t one filtration media out there that is perfect for everyone’s needs. Which filter media is right for you is going to depend on your application, your needs, and the parameters of your system.

If you have any questions about either material you can reach out to us with your questions and we will be happy to help in any way we can. And we provide the wedge wire filter and wire mesh filter for you as per your requirements and application.

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