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Why Pressure Screen Filters is important for Industrial Filtration?

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Update time : 2022-11-01 11:10:08
Pressure Screen Filters
Stainless steel wedge wire Pressure Screen Filters are a screen surface for the arc to open away from wet fine screening equipment. The different feeding methods are divided into gravity and pressure arc curved sieve screens. 
Artesian curved screen is a small curvature, low pressure, low-speed feeding curved screen, thanks to a certain height difference of the feed material screening and to the mouth, along the arc tangent in the direction screen surface for gravity feed. 
Pressure is a sweeping curved screen, high-pressure, high-speed feeding curved screen, which is the use of a sand pump nozzle into the raw material to the slurry under the action of the material at high speed along the curved screen surface tangent to the direction of the pressure feedstock.
Pressure Screen Filters for industrial filtration

Application of Wedge Wire Pressure Screen Filters
Wedge wire pressure screen filters are used in mineral processing plants and food processing plants for sizing and washing. These industrial profile wire screens are also used to process corn for ethanol and corn starch, as well as to process sugar, animal waste, and fertilizer.
Pressure Screen Filters
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