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Where and How is Wedge Wire Used?

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Update time : 2022-10-14 14:02:07

After the wedge wire, itself is fabricated, it will have to lie on support, which can include round or screen wire or even a strip/sheet.

Screen wire and wedge wire screen is often manufactured in two, at times three, types of screens: Flat screen and Cylindrical screen are the most dominant types, but within cylindrical, there can be round and basket screens.

If necessary, cylindrical screens can but cut and rolled flat into a flat-screen configuration, and flat screens can also be rolled formed into cylindrical screens. Each of these will depend on the application.
wedge wire screen

Wedge Wire 

  • Less clogging, good dewatering:  The " triangle shape," which is the biggest feature of the Wedge Wire Screen, means that as solids pass through, the contact points are small and the tips of the slits are widened, such that solids are less likely to clog, and even they do clog, there is a strong backwashing effect, resulting in excellent maintainability
  • High strength, high durability:   

①Screen formation with a wire diameter larger than the slit is possible.
②Because the screen surface is smooth, the degree of wear is constant.
③The standard material is stainless steel (SUS304, 316L).

Therefore, Wedge Wire Screen feature higher strength and durability than filters such as wire mesh, perforated plates, or filter cloths, and depending on the usage environment and material, they can be used almost indefinitely without replacement, reducing running costs. In addition, we are also able to produce Wedge Wire Screen using special materials such as titanium or duplex stainless steel.

  • Broad flexibility in design: Because many processing variations are possible, Wedge Wire Screens can be manufactured in various shapes such as flat, cylindrical, or conical.
    wedge wire advantage for filter


· Architectural Applications

· Food Processing

· Microbrewery Beer Tanks

· Mineral Processing

· Oil and Gas

· Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

· Water Reservoir Intakes


Machine parts such as filtration equipment, centrifugal separators, dewatering machines, and vibration sieve machines, intake of river water/seawater, retention of activated carbon/ion exchange resin/catalysts/filter material, etc., prevention of outflow of the carrier, strainer elements, etc.


 It’s crucial for screen manufacturers to situate themselves and strictly adhere to the guidelines set by them and the screen designers.

 wedge wire screen designer

The critical control points in the production process to consider include managing the radius of both the corner and the nose of the shape. because they will establish the screen’s filter performance and how it separates undesired material, which immediately impacts flow rates (how fast fluids pass through the screen).


Through our factory annealing, wire drawing, flat wire rolling, and wire shaping processes, the end product can be delivered in a final shape that meets the print requirements exactly.

we are able to professionally work with a large variety of both standard or customizable screen applications and accessory products.

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