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Resin Trap for Water Treatment

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Update time : 2023-01-09 11:55:01
Stainless steel resin trap(also called wedge wire resin trap/resin catcher) is a protective preventive device against media loss. Typically used for industrial water treatment systems. 

The following water treatment scenarios are often applied:
Service outlets and backwash pipelines for ion exchange devices, high-purity water systems, and activated carbon and media filters.

Material: high-quality stainless steel or other alloys.
Structure: wedge wire screen. V-shaped and continuous slot, precise filter slots. 


When to Install a wedge wire resin trap for water treatment?
During the online water treatment process, the following situations will occur, and the equipment will be damaged:
1. Poor quality resin (not strong enough);
2. Large water pressure disturbance (especially high-pressure disturbance);
3. The resin cylinder wall is damaged.

What is the purpose of the water treatment resin trap?
1. Prevents ion exchange resins or filter media from accidentally leaving water treatment equipment and moving downstream.
2. Protect water treatment equipment.

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