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Slot Water Filter Nozzle for The Filtration System

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Update time : 2023-01-16 16:07:19
We provide and custom-produce slot water filter nozzles for the filtration system. Our filter nozzles are stainless steel material. More durable and cost-effective than plastic.

In a sense, stainless steel is more durable, Also reduces downtime for more productive work.

Our slot water filter nozzles prevent filtering or purifying granular media from leaving the tank or vessel. Can be installed for industrial fix beds. Can also be used as an ion exchanger in filtration systems.

Slot water filter nozzles structure

Our slot water filter nozzles are composed of v-wire profiles and support profiles. The V-shaped wires are welded at equal intervals and wound on the support rods. Spaced in mm to form a continuous slot. 

If there is an impurity caught in the slot, it can be easily removed with a little force. The structure has an anti-clogging function.

Slot water filter nozzles feature

· Anti-clogging, backwash function.
· Strong ability to withstand pressure.
· Precise filter structure, good filter performance.
· Can custom manufacture various types according to the application.

What to look for when buying a water filter nozzle?
If you want the best for your filtration, you need to select the best water distribution in a pool, false bottom, or closed tank type filter by paying attention to specific details.

We are a professional slot water filter nozzle manufacturer&supplier&whoseler in China. If you have any questions about our ss filter nozzles, contact us at any time!

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