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Static Screen Filter

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Update time : 2022-08-10 14:02:50

A static screen filter is the curve stainless wedge wire hydrostatic screen used for solid-liquid separation. 

Work Process

The static Screen head box reduces the turbulence of wastewater or processed slurry and delivers flow to the wire.  A swing baffle distributes flow across the width of the screen surface and the liquid is then separated out of the slurry as it passes across the upper part of the screen panel.  Most of the solids are captured on the curved face of the screen while the liquid is drained to the bottom part via the back of the screen.  This screen provides excellent liquid/solid separation at a low capital cost and low maintenance.
In a typical feed situation, the leading edge of the wedge wire removes the water and fine particles through the screen up to the cut point size, as the oversized particles move across the top of the screen. Static Sieve Bends require little or no maintenance in their operation and need only small head heights to operate.
Sieve Bend Static screen filter

Sieve Bend Static screen filter
can be manufactured in a variety of widths, arc lengths, apertures or wedge wires to suit the flow rate and material being separated. Although most applications require Static Sieve Bends, “Cross Flow”, “With Flow” and “Vibrating” Sieve Bends can also be manufactured.
The Sieve Bend Static screen filter is a simple, highly efficient screen, designed for solid/liquid separation. Thousands of worldwide installations on all types of applications prove its efficiency.
We provide more types of Sieve Bend Static screen filters as your requirements, please leave a message to us if you need it.
Static Screen
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